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At Simple Property Lending we have proudly partnered with iPropel to help Australian families get a fairer go and a better deal when it comes to achieving their financial goals.

Whether that be buying your first home, paying off your existing home loan faster, or starting a property investment portfolio, our team of experienced experts will find the options that best suit your situation & goals. We will then execute and delight you with world class service.

There has never been a better time or an easier way to iPropel yourself toward a brighter financial future.

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Clyde North
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Andrew has been very helpful and has guided us through the whole process of securing our home. Very knowledgeable about the property and lending markets. In all our conversations he was very professional and respectful. Would highly recommend him any-day. Looking forward to doing business with him again...
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Andrew went above and beyond right from the start. We presented as a complex case however we managed to get exactly what wanted in the end. His communication was excellent, and he always worked around our busy schedules. Can’t recommend enough!
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Above & beyond with quality service. Extremely knowledgeable & very well spoken with measured views in his field. This bloke knows his stuff & gives you a sense of confidence in order to do business with him. I strongly recommend his services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, brokers have a lot of options to choose from and are obligated to find the best loan for you. Banks by contrast, only have one or two options and want you to take their deals regardless of whether they’re the best option for you or not. At the end of the day, regardless of a broker or bank, you need to ask:

  • What experience do they have with this type of loan?

  • How many options do they offer?

  • What are their fees and commissions?

It’s a common misconception that mortgage brokers recommend loans for their clients only to earn higher commissions. Numerous instances of unconscionable practice led to a more tighlty regulated industry off the back of reforms that were effected in 2010. We will recommend the best options for you and then you choose which one you would like to proceed with. In fact, as authorised credit representatives, we are duty bound to ensure and explain in our submissions, why the loan we have recommended to you is not unsuitable. 

Although investment properties are an excellent way to diversify your portfolio, the process of getting a mortgage for an investment property can be a little bit more difficult than it is for a residential property. The difficulty can depend on your current situation, assets, credit history, and your overall financial position. At Simple Property Lending, we are experts at helping people unlock the equity in their homes to help them grow a property portfolio. 

he lending process can be quite complex. First you need to think about the how much deposit to put down, your borrowing power, researching what documents you need, and even the type of loan that best suits you.

Most lenders will also require evidence of consistent savings over a reasonable period (3-6 months). This is to show you have the funds to complete the transaction AND you have the discipline and commitment to make your repayments once you settle your loan. Where a deposit is not available a family guarantee loan may be an option. This is perfect for home buyer who have strong income however not enough of a deposit. Get in touch with our friendly experts to learn more. 

Yes, of course! Not only that, it is also highly suggested that you consolidate other debts into your home loan. Provided your equity in your property, refinancing for debt consolidation may:

  • Save you money by avoiding multiple annual fees and higher interest repayments across multiple debts

  • Take off stress by cutting off other stakeholders.

  • Manage your finances better.


Speak with our finance brokers for how to best take back control of your household outgoings. 


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